Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hello again!

Hola Mis Hermonos,

I have been thinking a lot about the sweet people that we meet that do not keep their appointments. I have been thinking about all the late nights I have had not sleeping thinking about what I can do for those that I am teaching. I have been thinking about all the missionaries in my area who love and are willing to diligently serve the Lord. I have been thinking how I can serve others more.

I have found that I love God and always considered myself to be someone who really knew how to serve that Lord but coming on a mission is pushing me to a new level. I see now more than ever just how selfish and self-serving I have been in my life. At no other time in my life have I worked so hard to help others come to accept and understand the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

On Saturday I was tired, really tired. I felt like a walking Zombie and just hoped that I could keep going. I was not sure what I was going to say. I just kept pushing through everything. I kept pushing through life. I knew that Jesus Christ would not quit if he was tired so I just kept moving forward. And I know that because I keep moving forward even though times were hard and tough, I moved forward with faith and because of my faith I was able to see miracles. Not like mountains moving or anything like that but miracles.

My invitation to all is to keep moving forward having faith in Christ and he will make you more than you are.

Con Amor,
Hermana Zani

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