Thursday, June 21, 2012

HELLO Edinburg!!

Recently, I was transferred to Edinburg! Edinburg is super close to McAllen.
While the first few weeks were a little hard to adjust and I dearly missed Port Isabel, I think some areas on your mission just tear at your heart a little more than others.

I am finally starting to adjust a little better here. My companion and I are white washing the area which means that we are both new to the area. We are now getting lost a little less and know almost all of the members. We are pretty much in a biking area and have been biking close to 20 miles a day mas or menos.

It is also starting to get hot here, really hot. The other day it was 104 and you can really tell the difference between 104 and 98!

We are in charge of three wards an English ward, a Spanish ward, and young single adult ward. I am really enjoying this area and we are going to have a miracle baptism this Sunday.

I got here May 30th and when we came there were no people to teach and the possible people to teach were not really interested so we have had to start building everything up from the ground up. It has been hard and trying but we are doing it. We found the cutest little family who will get baptized this weekend. I will talk more about them next week.

Until then enjoy your summer. :)

Con Amor,
Hermana Zani

Friday, June 1, 2012

On to Edinburg

We had transfers this Tuesday. I left Port Isabel and miss it so very much. I am now in Edinburg South. I am currently white washing the area with Sister Vidal who is from Mexico and has been on her mission for 4 months. When you white wash an area that is when both of the companions are new to that area. So that is sort of fun, and a new challenge.

I am also excited to she what Edinburg has in store for me. I hope to continue to find, teach, and baptize. The best thing about the mission is baptizing families. I hope my companion and I have the ability to baptize families in these next few weeks. We need to pray and learn how to use our faith. Better. Well pray for me in my new adventure.

Hermana Zani

Saturday, May 19, 2012

My Profile

This is my profile:

I know not the best photo of me, but check it out.


Hermana Zani

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Port Isabel

Hello Friends!

Port Isabel is a beautiful place. I would encourage all of you visit this beautiful place sometime in your life.

This past week we met a family from El Salvador. They have only been in the United States for a year. This family was able to see the temple that was recently built there and loved it. I really enjoy finding and teaching families. I love that God sent us to earth in families to learn and grow. I have seen the power that families can have for either growth or destruction and I know that there is so much good that can happen in families as the family is centered in Jesus Christ.

This past weekend we had a convert get baptized for a little girl with autism. This child is
deathly scared of the water but had been prepped that this would be just like taking a bath. Moments before the baptism this girl started to get scared and panicky but I promised the Elders that I would help her get into the water. I placed my hand in the baptismal font and then held my hands out so she could feel the water. Then ever so
slowly we guided her into the water and she was baptized without a tear in ear. She did it!

However, after her baptism she remarked. That was just like taking a bath. :) Then she asked but where was the soap?:) I love the comments children make.

Con Amor,
Hermana Zani

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

It Was A Very Good Week

Hello Friends!

We baptized a family this week.

The dad is already a member but invective. He joined the church in 1999 in Iowa when he was homeless and found a job working in Denny's. His boss and later roommate was a
member of the Church. The father of this family, we’ll call him Daniel, kept asking his roommate how he can be so happy all the time. His roommate remarked that it is because of his Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and he said that anytime he wanted he could find out more.

Eventually, Daniel was baptized and moved to Utah where he lived for a year. Later,
however, Daniel fell away from the church. The mom, who we will call Mary, had met with missionaries before and had attended church several times but did not join because of an abusive ex-husband.

My companion and I first met this family when an appointment had fallen through, we
decided to knock on some doors. When we knocked on this door, Mary answered and stated she has just put her baby down to sleep and asked us if we could come back later. She stated that she attended another church currently but that she has attended our church before. We asked when we could stop by again and she was really vague with us.

However, a week later we were talking with a member and he asked if we would stop
by this person’s house. When we looked at the address we stated we have met them already but that we would stop by again. This time when we passed by the mom let us right in because we said we have come to visit your daughter and your friend Brother Trigos sent us by. From there the rest is history.

This baptism was one of the best I have ever been to. Everybody was touched and uplifted and everyone felt the spirit more after they left. I am so grateful for the opportunity to have worked with this family, as they will always be in my hearts.
Please keep praying that we find families and especially a Spanish family.

I love you all and miss you so very much. I have especially missed the students from my class last year this past week. On of our new investigators, Melinda, brought out her little miracle child who was only a few ounces at birth but now after much therapy is alive and
well but cannot talk or walk. When I saw her I began to cry and told her that just as God had answered her prayers by sending us to her door, he had answered my prayers by sending her little daughter to me. :)

Con Amor,
Hermana Zani

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Week of 2 April

Hello my Dear Sweet Friends!!

I just loved General Conference this past week. I think it was just the best ever. I loved all the talks, but I especially loved President Uchtdorf's talk on forgiveness. If you have not listened to the talk I urge you all to do so now. Go to this website and click on the link to General Conference and listen to the amazing works of this man called of God.

I think often of forgiveness especially here in the mission field. I think about a family that we are teaching that came to see General Conference this week. I think about the struggles that this family has and how so many of their problems could be fixed
by applying the principles of being slow to anger and quick to repentance. I think about the times in my life when I have done this and how much happier I have been and how much peace I have had in my life.

I also think about the need for repentance and how much you need this on your mission, how essential repentance is for every person. There was a comment made by one of the Brethren this weekend who said this about missionary work "Missionaries come into the field as excited anxious people and leave the missionary feel as mature individuals ready to handle any task placed before them."

 I believe to some extent this is what a mission does; it helps us to grow to really love people to really become like Jesus Christ to see through his eyes and hear with his ears and to say the things that he would say. This
does not come all at once but comes over time each day.

I urge each of you to look for ways to become more like Christ to really represent him in your actions and in your life.

Con Amor,
Hermana Zani

Monday, March 19, 2012

Another Week in Port Isabel

Hello Friends,

This week I had something called migas for the first time which is basically corn tortillas fried until they almost become like chips with eggs. It was pretty interesting to say the least. My stomach is learning how to handle to fried food sort of. :)

Anyways, things in Port Isabel have been crazy this week we have had Spring breakers
which means that on Saturday we sat in traffic for an hour and a half trying to go 1 mile and there was no other road to get there. I just sort of wished all these people were going to church instead of the beach. Ha ha!

Needless to say I am loving Port Isabel. I think my Spanish is slowly getting better. Being Senior Companion is super hard and I feel that I fall so short of leadership abilities sometimes. I want to lead with love but so many times find myself pushing people into changing or being too passive. I have to find this beautiful middle ground which I hope that I can find.

Please pray for the families here in Port Isabel that they will find in their hearts a desire to attend church and to progress towards this gospel.

I love you all and pray for your success.

Hermana Zani

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Week of March 12 Message

Hello Friends!

Sorry, I have not written in a few weeks. Things have been pretty busy. I left my first area about three weeks ago into a new area. The new area is called Port Isabel. It is right off the beach and right now is Spring Break which means traffic and craziness. The other day we were driving down a street searching for a house and could not get through because of all the people standing in the street.

Within my first two weeks of being here in Port Isabel, we had two baptisms one of which was an investigator who when we went into a lesson with him and were following up about baptism and his baptismal date, he stated he wanted to baptized that Sunday instead in three weeks! So we had to hurry and teach him all the lessons and get him prepared for baptism. Then the following Sunday we had another baptism.

Now we currently have 5 people with baptismal dates and my companion and I are searching and praying for a whole family to teach and to get baptized. I know that
families are so important to God and I know how Christ can bless families. We have been teaching part families but not whole families. Please pray for us to find and teach a whole family this week, that they will have a desire to come to church and a willingness to get

Other things about Port Isabel, lets see, I went from a mostly English speaking area to a mostly Spanish one. I am in a Spanish ward and gave my first talk in Spanish this past Sunday. I was a little nervous and glad there were fewer people there because many people forgot to set there clocks ahead. There is an older gentleman in our ward who
served as a Mission President in Columbia many years ago and has awesome stories that I will have to share will you all next week.

I love you and enjoy hearing from you all.

Much love,
Hermana Zani

Monday, February 13, 2012

Moving Day

Hello Everyone,

I am leaving my first area, what a sad day. Tomorrow, I will be packing up and going down to Port Isabel, apparently the most beautiful part in the mission right on the water. I will be Senior Companion and will finish training a new missionary. I am not sure if I am ready for this or if I even have the skills necessary to do this but when we receive a call from our Mission President, we just go. 

I remember driving into this town (of Laredo) almost 5 months ago. My companion and I were new to the area. I was brand new to the mission field, a bundle of nerves and excitement. I am not sure I really ate for the first three weeks of my mission. We had no investigators, none of the members knew the missionaries, especially not the less actives in our area. It was hard to find people to teach, hard to gain the trust of the members. Virtually, no members wanted to go out with us or even meet with us. No one was feeding us so we just girded up our loins and got to work.

First, we got to know all the members, asking, “what they were doing to support missionary work in their area?” Then asking, "what had been done with missionary work in the past?" As we began to get to know the members we had more and more members not hanging up the phone when we called them. The members actually began to come out and see how making sacrifices of their time actually helped and gave them more energy.

We now have more than enough meal appointments, and people asking us to take them out to appointments. We are receiving referrals for family and friends of the members in our area. Members are begging for us to call them when we need rides. As the members take more of a role in missionary work they feel the fire and importance of bringing more souls unto Jesus Christ.

With the help of members we now have a family that is going to be baptized in this month and the niece of one of our members will be baptized in March. I have really seen this branch grow in their effort to assist in missionary effort. It has been slow as they and I as a new missionary have made tons of mistakes and more to learn about missionary work, but everyday my heart is changing.

I am learning to love more, have less pride, have more charity, be more fun, and stress less. These things are hard but as my heart begins to grow closer to that of the Lord's my desires change. The mission is hard, stressful and at times you want to quit but that is when the miracles happen. That is when the blessings occur if we can just hold on a little longer. A mission is one of endurance, a year and half of loving people, even your companion, and fully focusing on the Lord.

As in life there will be ups and downs but if we can learn from them we might yet be perfect "even as Christ was perfect." I invite you all to endure the race of life with patience seeing the good that comes from every trial that is placed before us.

Con Amor,
Hermana Zani

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Another Week in Laredo

Hola Mis Amigos!!

Here I am, another week in Laredo! I love Laredo so much! I love the people in this town. They really are wonderful. I have heard that you will always have a special place in your heart for the first place that you serve in your mission. I am not sure how long I will be in Laredo, but I hope that as long as I am here, that I love it.

This mission is hard some days. Sometimes you do everything that you can to help people to unto Christ and at the end of the day they do not make that choice to come closer to Jesus Christ. They choose not to get baptized. They choose not to come to church. They choose not to accept the blessings that come from making a baptismal covenant with God. They choose not to get married or move out of their house so that they are obeying the laws of God.

I know that through all these disappointments that I am suppose to grow. I know that I am supposed to gird up my loins and move on but sometimes during those quiet hours as I lay in my bed. I just take a moment to grieve those little losses. However, behind every sad moment, every disappointment comes a small miracle. Those small little miracles are what help me know that my efforts where not in vain.

Some days the miracles are hard to see. Other days the miracles are quite obvious. All these miracles remind me who is in charge. It is the Lord. He is guiding and directing this work, not me. He is the one that has something for me to learn at this time in my life with my companion in this area. However, I feel like many times I am not sure what that is until after I am done.

The weather here in Laredo is beginning to get hot. The last few days have been in the 80s and by March we should start seeing the 100s occur regularly. Not sure if I am ready for the summer here but ready or not it will come and like life I will approach it one step at a time. Learning that whatever God gives me I can handle, that is the biggest thing I am learning is to put the Lord first. I am so prideful and think sometimes that I can handle things on my own but that is the biggest falsehood I have ever heard or known.

The Lord guides us and directs us but we have to allow him to do that for us. I invite each of you to look at your life and see what areas of your life you can let the Lord directs you in.

Con Amor,
Hermana Zani

Thursday, January 19, 2012

From January 17

Hola Mis Amigos,

As I think about everything we are doing in the Country Club area of Laredo, I think about balance and love. How do balance and love go hand in hand?

Many times I feel overwhelmed thinking all the different factors of missionary life that go into strengthening the ward/branch and helping the Harvest of the field. There are needs, there are so many needs here. There are the needs of my investigators, the needs of those individuals waiting to be found and have not yet been found. There are needs of members, needs of less actives, and needs of recent converts. There are even needs in companionship. How do we come to balance all these needs?

Sometimes I wonder if I am reaching everyone’s needs. I have come to the conclusion that all I can do is to Love each and every person in my area. I have to love the members, less actives, recent converts, investigators, and those still left to be found and as I love them I will do all in my power the help them come unto Christ.

I am also learning that happiness comes a long way in helping people come unto Christ and that only my own sometimes fears stop me from becoming the best missionary that my Father in heaven needs for me to become. As I think about the investigators that we are teaching. I want to know what else can we do to help them come to Christ.

The other night I was up for three hours just praying to know how to reach our January goal that we have committed to the Lord. I received some inspiration and presented a plan to my companion. She did not have the same feeling about the plan and I began to doubt my faith in the revelation I had but the thing is my faith cannot be dependent upon others.

I am growing, however slow it might be and I am coming to learn that when we truly love with all of our heart then balance tends to come. I invite all of you to begin to search for ways that you can love more to help find the balance in life.

Con Amor,
Hermana Zani

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hello again!

Hola Mis Hermonos,

I have been thinking a lot about the sweet people that we meet that do not keep their appointments. I have been thinking about all the late nights I have had not sleeping thinking about what I can do for those that I am teaching. I have been thinking about all the missionaries in my area who love and are willing to diligently serve the Lord. I have been thinking how I can serve others more.

I have found that I love God and always considered myself to be someone who really knew how to serve that Lord but coming on a mission is pushing me to a new level. I see now more than ever just how selfish and self-serving I have been in my life. At no other time in my life have I worked so hard to help others come to accept and understand the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

On Saturday I was tired, really tired. I felt like a walking Zombie and just hoped that I could keep going. I was not sure what I was going to say. I just kept pushing through everything. I kept pushing through life. I knew that Jesus Christ would not quit if he was tired so I just kept moving forward. And I know that because I keep moving forward even though times were hard and tough, I moved forward with faith and because of my faith I was able to see miracles. Not like mountains moving or anything like that but miracles.

My invitation to all is to keep moving forward having faith in Christ and he will make you more than you are.

Con Amor,
Hermana Zani

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


I hope that everyone had a happy and safe New Year's. 

On New Years Eve, for safety reasons, we all had to be inside of our apartments early and by early I mean 8:00 pm! But before our early arrival back into our home we had a zone meeting (which basically means that we had a meeting with all of the missionaries that live in the City of Laredo). For this meeting we watched the movie “17 Miracles” which was a remarkable representation of the Willy Handcart Company (a group of pioneers which made the journey from the east coast to Salt Lake City, Utah). These pioneers left late in the year and faced an early winter. These pioneers faced incredible hardship but maintained their faith.

When I see movies or hear stories of people that maintain this kind of faith in the midst of adversity, my own faith grows and increases. I know that my mission is nothing like the hardship that these pioneers faced and that gives me faith. I am learning to rely more on the Lord. I am learning how to not get frustrated. I am learning that what we struggle with most in other people is the thing that we struggle most with our self.

I love you and hope that everyone's life is returning back to normal after the business of the holidays.

Con Amor,
Hermana Zani