Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Three Months Now!

Hola Mis Amigos!!

I just passed my 3-month mark on Thursday. My how time flies! I feel like just yesterday I got into McAllen. I certainly don't feel like I know that much more than I did when I first arrived in Laredo. I have a great trainer who is teaching me lots but I am nervous for that day when we will no longer be together. J

I am not sure if I mentioned this or not but the MTC has put out a new training program that is suppose to help missionaries be more successful in the mission quicker. I guess with the old program it was taking missionaries 3-5 months before they could be adequately utilized in field. With the new program missionaries are suppose to come out into the field as if they have been there for the past three months. Also, there is a new 12-week training program which includes being with our trainer for the whole 12-weeks, one extra hour of companionship study, and involves us taking the lead in all situations. For example, every week we spend 3-hours one day planning for the next week. This planning session is a long important process that really sets your next week up for success.

Well, this past week was my first week taking the lead and my it was a challenge to make sure that everything was organized and set for every aspect of missionary life in this coming week, which includes, making goals, teaching people, what lesson we want to teach to fit their needs, meeting with people who are already part of the church, etc.

Anyways, at the end of the 12-weeks now we are suppose to be able to train. How scary!! I am hoping that will not be the case. ;)

On a much lighter note we had our first baptism this week, a 17-year old whose family is not a member of the church. His mom came to church and to the baptism yesterday. Each time we meet with her son, she becomes more and more interested in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I know she feels different and I know that she can feel our spirit when we are with her but for some reason change is hard. Even when people know the truth, change is hard.

I guess the question is where is our faith?  Our faith is in Jesus Christ! Faith leads to action? The only thing that helps us grow deeper in the Gospel of Jesus Christ is by taking action on our faith. Doing those things that Jesus Christ requires of all us to come unto him.

It is my prayer that each of you would examine your faith in Jesus Christ and see what areas of your life would help you draw closer unto him? If you are lost or need help on where to go, write me. I would love to help be your guide or find someone that can guide you :)

Con mucho amor,
Hermana Zani

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