Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Week Five at the MTC

Hola Mis Amigos,

I have made it to another week at the MTC. I am now past my half way mark, which is crazy to think. My Spanish seems to be about the same but each week when my mission president sends us an e-mail (in Spanish, of course) I can read more and more of it. Which must mean my Spanish is improving. :)

There are six people to a bedroom here at the MTC and there are four Hermana's in my district. We all share a bedroom, which leaves two spots open for someone else. We are now on our third set of roommates. The first two we had at the beginning were with us for about a week. These sisters were Hermana's also going to Florida and California. The night before they left, which was between 3:00 a.m. and 5:00 a.m., they did not sleep and were up packing all night long which sort of kept all of us up. Not to mention the fire alarm went off at 2:30a.m. And we all had to parade outside our residences hall, half asleep and wait for the fire alarm to go off!

Another sister and I thought the fire alarm was just someone’s alarm clock going off. Luckily another sister got up and told us that was the fire alarm. Seriously though if people did not have such loud alarm clocks you could probably tell the difference between the two!

Anyways then we got two sisters that were going to Taiwan but they were only with us for two weeks and then got moved into another room with other sisters going to Taiwan. Then this last week we got two new sisters going to Kiev, Ukraine. One of the them is from Georgia where she lives in a town super close to Athens. Her dad was in the military and they lived in Germany two or three times. She was born in Berlin, then they lived in Hohenfels and Stuttgart (going to Patch school in the latter).

I was talking to my companion the other day in Spanish and Ceptra Smith (one of the sisters going to the Ukraine) stated it gives her hope that she can learn her language after hearing me speak to my companion in our language. Which was a nice compliment but I still feel like my Spanish is sort of caveman like sometimes.

I love the Devotionals here we have them every Sunday and Tuesday night and a man I know from Clear Horizons Academy always gets my companion and me front row seats which is really nice because our scheduled dinner time is last and without this man's help I am pretty sure that we would be sitting in overflow.

I am speaking in Relief Society this Sunday (is just for the women and it always has uplifting speakers such as the General Primary Presidency, or the General Young Women's President) which at the MTC includes all of the sisters. I will be speaking about my conversion story so that should fun.

I am learning so much at the MTC and really am so grateful for my wonderful companion. We are continuing to teach investigators, which is fun. We did a door contact the other night and it took us about 5-10 minutes to get in the door. Did I mention that our investigators are our teachers but they all have different characters from their missions that they play which are really fun?

Well time is quickly running out (limited amount on the computer once a week) So I wish everyone the best.

Hasta Luego,

Hermana Zani

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