Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Week of March 12 Message

Hello Friends!

Sorry, I have not written in a few weeks. Things have been pretty busy. I left my first area about three weeks ago into a new area. The new area is called Port Isabel. It is right off the beach and right now is Spring Break which means traffic and craziness. The other day we were driving down a street searching for a house and could not get through because of all the people standing in the street.

Within my first two weeks of being here in Port Isabel, we had two baptisms one of which was an investigator who when we went into a lesson with him and were following up about baptism and his baptismal date, he stated he wanted to baptized that Sunday instead in three weeks! So we had to hurry and teach him all the lessons and get him prepared for baptism. Then the following Sunday we had another baptism.

Now we currently have 5 people with baptismal dates and my companion and I are searching and praying for a whole family to teach and to get baptized. I know that
families are so important to God and I know how Christ can bless families. We have been teaching part families but not whole families. Please pray for us to find and teach a whole family this week, that they will have a desire to come to church and a willingness to get

Other things about Port Isabel, lets see, I went from a mostly English speaking area to a mostly Spanish one. I am in a Spanish ward and gave my first talk in Spanish this past Sunday. I was a little nervous and glad there were fewer people there because many people forgot to set there clocks ahead. There is an older gentleman in our ward who
served as a Mission President in Columbia many years ago and has awesome stories that I will have to share will you all next week.

I love you and enjoy hearing from you all.

Much love,
Hermana Zani

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