Monday, November 21, 2011


Hello My Beloved Friends,

   I cannot believe that this Thursday is Thanksgiving. I think I feel even more in disbelief that Thanksgiving is right around the corner because this past week many days were in the upper 90's. :) As I always say though, I would rather things be too hot than too cold. I can handle the heat but the cold on the other hand, I am not sure if I would be such a happy missionary!

   I will be having Thanksgiving dinner with the family of one of our recent converts. His mom is originally from Mexico and so I have asked on several occasions if this will be a Mexican Thanksgiving meal or an American one. Each time she says American but that she will still be making her Mexican Spaghetti which is spaghetti noodle with a chile and cream sauce instead of tomato sauce. Anyways, we will see oh it goes.:)

   We had a memorial service last night for the two elders who passed away, Elder Strong and Elder Walker. As I sat and watched this memorial service, I thought even more about Thanksgiving. I thought about a man in Church who gave a talk that morning and shared an experience about his son. He told us that he had taken his son to an amusement park and the day was going well until lunchtime.

   The family found an eatery in the park where they could stop and have lunch. The family made their way down the cafeteria-style line and as they began to give their drink orders, the worker told them that they did not have lime soda. The son was very disappointed that they did not have lime soda and he began to do what most small children would do in this situation. He began to demand lime soda because if he screamed loud enough I am sure he knew lime soda would appear.

   Sadly, no lime soda was found in the park. His dad promised him he could have lime soda after they left and were on their way home. His dad then began to point out the other fun things they could do. But to the dad's disappointment this child was stuck on not having his lime soda!

   I wonder how many times we are like that child who gets stuck on all the things that we do not have instead of opening our eyes and seeing this amazing amusement park that is all around us. There is beauty all around us but we have to look for it. There is joy all around us but we must search for it.

   This Thanksgiving, find the joy in your life. Find the blessing that you have even in the midst of difficulty and despair. I can promise each one of you that there is something to be grateful for. Also, remember to tell those you love that you are thankful for them. 

   I love you all! Each of you are in my thoughts and my prayers.

Hermana Zani

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