Tuesday, July 26, 2011

First week at MTC

So, I just finished my first few days at the MTC; things are going really well. I enjoy missionary life. Don't get me wrong mission life is hard because you are constantly growing and being pushed to new limits. The limits though are only limits that you place on yourself things that we have told ourself we cannot do out of fear. However, if we push past those limits there is greatness that can be achieve. "Through Christ I can do all things which strengthenith me." I have been thinking a lot about limits and how limits affect things that I have not done or things I talk myself out of because I am afriad. I am reminded often of something my yoga teacher would always say: If you can you must if you cannot you must try." This has become a motto for me especially when speaking Spanish. Spanish is hard and I feel super inaqauete with languages. I am working hard and throwing myself into Spanish. I am begining to think occansionally in Spanish. Most of my prayers are in Spanish now even when they are my own personal prayers. I can bare my testimony of Jesus Christ in Spanish. We even have an investigator ( someone who is interested in learning more about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) his name is Antonio we have taught him 2 times in only Spanish. Last time we taught him we spent 42 minutes with him mostly because speak slowly, respond slowly, and listen slowly. I am confident knowing that I can learn Spanish. I just have to make everything emotionaly meaniful because that is how we learn to talk orginially so why should it be any differant with a forgien language. I have noticed that when I bear my testimony words just flow because the meaning of what I am saying has a large emotional tag attached to it. My companion always tells me that I know so much Spanish. I always tell her it is because I have spent that last 3 years teaching students who have very few words through which I have learned how to communicate with out words and know that 90% of our communication is preverbals. Which all just means I get the gest of which people are saying some of the times even though I do not understand all the words they are using. The food is okay here it is really catered towards guys ( hamburger, chicken nuggets, roast beef, all with french fries or tater tots.) They do not even have a full salad bar just lettuce and carrots and if you are lucky they have tomatoes. Haha. My companion is great and wonderful we are going to the same mission. There are two other sisters in my district who are both going to differant parts of Chile. The rest of my district which is my mission group is all Elders going to Guatemala or Chile.

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  1. I struggled with spanish!... but I always felt that I was a good listener and knew what they were trying to tell me and that I could answer their questions. Keep on keepin' on! You CAN do it!