Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Port Isabel

Hello Friends!

Port Isabel is a beautiful place. I would encourage all of you visit this beautiful place sometime in your life.

This past week we met a family from El Salvador. They have only been in the United States for a year. This family was able to see the temple that was recently built there and loved it. I really enjoy finding and teaching families. I love that God sent us to earth in families to learn and grow. I have seen the power that families can have for either growth or destruction and I know that there is so much good that can happen in families as the family is centered in Jesus Christ.

This past weekend we had a convert get baptized for a little girl with autism. This child is
deathly scared of the water but had been prepped that this would be just like taking a bath. Moments before the baptism this girl started to get scared and panicky but I promised the Elders that I would help her get into the water. I placed my hand in the baptismal font and then held my hands out so she could feel the water. Then ever so
slowly we guided her into the water and she was baptized without a tear in ear. She did it!

However, after her baptism she remarked. That was just like taking a bath. :) Then she asked but where was the soap?:) I love the comments children make.

Con Amor,
Hermana Zani

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